Remember, Remember the Fifth of November


I had a long layover in London today, Guy Fox Day, and decided to go explore the city a bit.  Plus, somehow after this long flight, I had the fattest kankles ever.  I figured I should get some blood flowing through my legs to ease the swelling.  I had a hard time figuring out the train/tube system and had to ask someone which train to hop on.  A kind Scottish gentlemen, named Kimble, is in town for work and had a company cab taking him near Buckingham Palace.  He offered me a ride, and of course I accepted his offer.  When we got in the cab Kimble told Jimmy, our driver, to give me the best cab ride in town.  Jimmy corrected him, and said “I’ll give her the best cab ride in the world.”


Jimmy had us laughing the whole way as he talked smack about the French (frogs), and how the British should have won the Revolutionary War, but they were busy fighting all over the world.  He is a true Englishman full of history and knowledge.  He and his wife are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next year, and they want to come to Vegas to have Elvis remarry them.  I laughed and thought to myself how strange it is that people really want to do that.

We arrived at our destination and bid our farewells.  I set out on foot to explore.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the parks, foliage, and history.  I love cities where people walk everywhere.  It reminded me of New York in the fact that people walk, take subways, and there are random parks everywhere.  Although I barely got a taste of the city today, somehow I found London to be more beautiful than New York.  It is very clean, the people are so friendly, and I love the architecture.  There is something inviting, something romantic about London.  I am a bit of a tree hugger, maybe it’s because there are so many trees (Jimmy informed me that London has the largest number of trees per square mile than any other major city in the world).  Or maybe it’s because I saw a lot of really attractive men with sexy accents… No, I think it’s the trees.