The Cape

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After a much-delayed flight, I finally arrived in Cape Town.  I was hoping to be awake when we landed to see the view since it’s in the top three most beautiful cities in the world, but I was out cold as usual. Normally I research the best form of public transportation in a foreign city, but since my couch surfing host offered to pick me up, I was saved this stress.  George swooped me up and showed me a great view of the city on the way to his house.

his house.jpg

The house is beautiful, and has an amazing view of the city, deep blue water, and Table Mountain.  When he showed me to my room, I wanted to jump on the bed, hug the fluffy pillows, and sink into the soft mattress.  I obviously refrained. (Mostly because everything I own is covered in dust and dirt, and I didn’t want to ruin anything!)  George was on holiday and willing to drive me around and show me the peninsula.  This isn’t the usual couch surfing experience.  I felt I was in a nice hotel with a fun personal guide.
I cleaned up, and we headed around The Cape.  The green mountains are speckled with huge rocks with white beaches opposite them.  The water is clean, colored in turquoise and blue.  The ocean continually waved as we drove by.

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George took me to a dodgy, little fishing town to try a legit calamari burger.  We ordered it to go, and he wouldn’t let me try it until we drove to the top of Canon’s Peak and found anice area to sit as the sun was going down.  George cracks me up!  He paced around trying to find the perfect spot because he wanted me to see one of the best views, and he was disappointed the sun wasn’t quite setting yet.  Later we ate dinner at Victoria’s Wharf.  Christmas decorations were up and I missed home.  So what did I do?Hug and kiss a giant Christmas tree? Yes! Crawling into a nice clean bed that night while being nice and clean felt as I would imagine getting tucked into a fluffy cumulus cloud floating low over a field of wild daisies on a spring day would feel.  I slept like a baby.

like a baby.jpg

 The next day we hit a couple of markets and later a picnic in the park.  The first market was a flea market.  The individual booths were so random and had no theme!  Would you like a teacup, a machete, or a lawn mower?  At one point I found George buying bubbles.
“You’re buying bubbles?”  I asked with a confused look on my face.
“Heck yes, I’m buying bubbles.  It’s a windy day, perfect for bubbles!” He let the wind blow them as we walked through the market while I twirled around in them.
The second market was full of colorful food stalls, funky jewelry, and little boutique shops.  We ate some tasty food and then made our way 45 minutes up the coast to a concert by a local South African band called Hot Water.

hot water.jpg

The Cape Farmhouse had a small canopy covered area, a grass lawn with blankets strewn throughout, and a small wooden playground near the back.  We got there a little early and laid a blanket out.  As people trickled in, I noticed the majority of the women were wearing flowing skirts or pants with no make up and beautiful flawless skin.  The family next to us had two young girls, maybe five and ten, with braided feathers in their hair.  Couples had iced wine buckets on the blankets on the ground and on tables near the dance floor.  Everyone was friendly and relaxed.  When the music started playing, I left my purse carelessly in the blanket and found myself dancing barefoot next to the future 50yr old me.  The vibe there was relaxed, accepting, and free.  Hot Water has some true hippy fans.  It reminded me of dancing at a festival in Colorado when I was 18.  Freedom, peace, love, and good tunes.  As George puts it,”if everyone could hear Hot Water, there would be no more crime.” I couldn’t agree more.
I’ve noticed here that people are naturally beautiful.  Woman wear minimal make up, simple clothing, their hair is naturally wavy, and to me they are captivating.  I’ve always had an appreciation for the simple, for the raw.  I think it’s real. It’s vulnerable.  It’s romantic. Why? Because it’s so close to how we were created and we were created beautifully.

created beautiful.jpg

Our natural form, our natural beauty radiates from inside. It’s crazy how it affects the outside.  You can really see some people’s light shine from their eyes, smile, laugh, and it makes their whole being beautiful.  There is something in someone who knows who they are, what they are, that is contagious. It inspires me to find it and embrace it, embrace myself. All of it. I’ve been so blessed on this trip to encounter people who have guided me towards this.
The next couple days included more exploring: church, beach, an insanity work out, and meeting the parents.  In church on Sunday, we sang some Christmas carols and the pastor talked about life’s journeys.  I found this weird because the day before at the flea market I bought a book on God’s promises as you travel life’s journey.  Once again, I felt God getting my attention.  The sermon ended with the pastor saying if anyone wants prayer for the journey they are on to let them know.  I talked to Nancy, and she prayed an amazing prayer over me and shared some verses.  I felt encouraged and renewed as we walked home.  George’s friends picked us up and we headed to the beach for a little bit.  The smell of salt, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the melody of the waves crashing let me reflect of the message from earlier and try to not get ahead of myself for the future.  It’s hard to plan a trip and go with the flow.  I have to kind of plan where I am going, yet be flexible for change.

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When we got home, we did an insanity work out on the balcony.  It felt good to get a good workout in.  I had used my jugs of water as kettle bells in Kenya and would lift them as dumbbells as I would walk home with them. I’m sure I looked weird.
George’s parents were arriving to stay a few days, so I was going to get a whole couch surfing family experience.  They got settled in and made the introductions.  Then George and his dad went to a Dave Matthews concert up the coast for the evening, and I was planning on exploring the backpacker area but ended up talking with Marelize most of the night.  I walked around for a couple hours then came back “home” and hung out with her by the fire on the balcony sipping tea under the stars looking out over the city and talking about how magical Kaapschehoop (the magical town with mist and horses) is, education, music, relationships, Cape Town, and how I want to move here.

to be continued…..