The Cape (Part II)


Today I roamed the streets and explored some more markets.  I chatted with the owner of a cute Mexican

Today I roamed the streets and explored some more markets.  I chatted with the owner of a cute Mexican food stall I had found.  Flor has a Latin accent, so I asked where she is from.  She is from Mexico and married an Afrikaans man.  She talked about how much she loves it here.  I told her how I’m falling in love with the Cape (she doesn’t know about my love for every other city too), so she offered me a job to obtain a visa to move. Ummm… Here’s some nachos, maybe a visa… Well, definitely an option if I need it!


Tonight, George and his parents invited me out for dinner.  They have really made me feel a part of the family even though I’ve only known them for 36 hours.  They all have a good sense of humor and are so kind.  His mom even offered to make me breakfast this morning and do my laundry.  I love traveling because you meet so many amazing people.  You connect with them and learn about the world from another’s eyes.  You form a bond, and then you leave.  You may never see them again.  A stranger yesterday is a friend today and gone tomorrow.


3-December – 2013

Mareliza made an amazing breakfast, and I headed to check out the Botanical gardens.  I was instantly in my happy place and roamed through taking my time at any spot that drew me.  About halfway through, I saw a middle aged couple listening to a beautiful song walking through the gardens.  I smiled at them and told them how beautiful the music is.  I asked if it was a prayer.  He told me it was the song of Jacob’s story.  I don’t know much about the Muslim religion, and we ended up talking for about 30 minutes.  They shared God with me and His love for us.  I told them I was a Christian.  They witnessed to me in a way that I wish all religious people did, with love and compassion.  We talked about worship, and I had no idea their religion is about continual worship, as Sophia said, and reminders to thank God and pray because it is all for Him.


After the gardens, I went to a wine tasting in a vineyard.  South Africa is known for its wine and everyone kept telling me I had to go to a vineyard.  I picked out a bottle to bring back to George’s parents to thank them.  On the walk home, I set the bottle down to take a photo.  It got knocked over and the top broke off.  I caught it quickly saving most of the wine inside.  Of course this would happen! 😉 I stopped at a little cafe to see if they had Wi-Fi so I could get a hold of George.  I showed the owner of the shop what happened as I laughed it off.  He filtered the wine into a new bottle for me.  So there I was walking up the street holding a broken wine bottle (I wanted George and Marelize to see the label), and an almost full bottle of wine as people started running past me wearing numbers and costumes.  A marathon had turned up the street I was walking on and swarms of people ran around me.

Around me.JPG

I tried positioning the broken bottle in a way that people couldn’t see the top, so they wouldn’t think I would shank them.  I made it home sweating and with a bloody hand, but I made it home!  George and Marelize laughed and thanked me.  They were preparing to braai (BBQ) for me.  They said I can’t leave without a traditional braai!  They made shrimp, chorizo, and lamb.  It was definitely topping the BBQ charts!!  I felt like part of the family, which relieves my homesickness a bit.

December 4 –
It is my last day in Cape Town.  Table Mountain is really high and the clouds have been covering the peak the last few days. It was misty this morning but the clouds finally opened up.  You can take a cable car to the top, but I wanted to hike. It’s about three hours one way.
I stopped at the visitor center to see what paths were open, and the lady recommended one about a mile from the the center.  About five minutes into my walk down the road, I saw the Muslim couple from the botanical gardens.  I waved and smiled.  This time they had their three sons with them.  Sophia smiled and said,”I was thinking about you last night, and I’m glad we ran into you.  I want to make sure to get some literature to you on the Koran. Please keep in touch.”  Once again again, their witnessing convicted me.  When was the last time I met someone and sent them a copy of the Bible.  I shares God’s love, but meeting them encourages me to not be afraid to go even deeper.


The climb was steep.  I kept turning around to look at the ocean while the cliffs ran along side me.  I reached the top and started walking to the edge just as a cloud rolled through.  The fog brushed by everything before eventually making its way over the the ocean just in time for another one to come through.  Soon I was surrounded in white.  The sun was hiding, it was getting cold, and the wind was picking up.  I stopped at the cafe on top to get some coffee to warm up and sat next to a guy from Switzerland.  We got to talking, and he was commenting on the clouds and how we couldn’t get a good picture because of the clouds.  I told him I would use my mind power to think the clouds away.  I closed my eyes and the sun started to come out.  Talk about perfect timing!!  I took some time on top of the mountain to meditate.  I’ve been trying to go with the flow, but I’ve had some new opportunities come up that will take a turn in my trip and change the next year of my life.  The clock is ticking for me to make a decisions.  The sun was hiding, it was getting cold, and I was surrounded in white reflecting on what to do.  I don’t think there is a right choice, but I have to decide what I want.  Where do I want to be?  What kind of life do I want to lead?  What are my options if I don’t take this chance?  Am I ready?  Hello!!!  God, this is when the clouds part, and I become blinded by Your light as You tell me what to do!


I hiked back down the mountain with my new friend.  The sun was setting and we were facing east.  I told him that I really wanted to see the sun set, and so we ran to the opposite side of the mountain trying to make it before the moon took over the sky.  We knew we would have to hike back down in the dark, but I didn’t mind.  We rounded a corner, and there was an edge of the mountain set as if it was waiting for me to come rest on it.  I prayed and meditated before we headed back down.  We ended up going way off trail and came out on some random busy street.  Neither of us knew where we were.  We bid our farewells as he jumped in a cab since I figured I could find my own way home, and I did.


Tomorrow morning I leave to travel the coast.  George hooked me up with a friend that I will be riding and staying with in a coastal town.  I will be doing a lot of walking and didn’t want to bring my backpack and duffle bag, so I mailed my duffle bag to Durban.  I met someone on the plane on the way to Johannesburg who was from Durban.  I kept in contact with, and so I mailed him my stuff…. I’m crazy.

5 December
This morning I hopped in Micol’s car and headed 5 hours to my next destination.  I feel like a true nomad hitching rides and staying with strangers.  I’m not sure when I’m going home or where it will even be. I’m just trying to enjoy the journey along the way.

“Dare to awaken that tender place within that unites passion and brilliance with every breath, with every heartbeat.” – Heather McCloskey Beck