Pregnancy Prep: How to Save Money When You're Expecting

Pregnancy Prep: How to Save Money When You're Expecting

Emily Graham of

With the excitement of becoming a new mom also comes anxiety and worry about the baby, finances, and everything else. According to a study by Ohio State University, stressing out about finances can actually be harmful to your baby’s health. Therefore, you need a game plan on how to calm your nerves and save money throughout your pregnancy and when your little one arrives.

Pick the right hospital

If you have a number of reputable birth centers and hospitals in your area, compare costs associated with the delivery to see if you can save a little money. Don't just look at the full cost. Find out exactly what your insurance would cover at each location to determine the best choice for you.

Say yes to a baby shower

You might not want a baby shower for one reason or another, but you should definitely have one. Allow your co-workers, friends, and relatives to show their love for you and buy some gifts for your little one. Register for the baby shower and include things that you will actually need, rather than all the frills and extras.

Simplify the gender reveal

We've all seen the elaborate gender reveals on YouTube and social media, but many of them can come across as over the top. You shouldn't spend a small fortune just to tell your loved ones whether you are having a boy or girl. According to Kindred Bravely, you can do a simple yet touching photo op, or make the announcement with personalized statement t-shirts. If you want to have a party for the reveal, make it inexpensive with a confetti balloon pop or cake-cutting for the announcement. You can be creative without spending a lot.

Shop the sales and secondhand

Newborn babies grow out of their clothing quicker than you think. Shop sales and secondhand stores to find adorable baby clothes without spending a bundle. Other moms will often donate baby and maternity clothing to you, if you promise to pay it forward to another expectant mother.

Borrow whatever you can

When it comes to baby items, try to borrow whatever you can. From clothes to cribs to strollers, you'll be surprised by how many friends and relatives will allow you to borrow their baby stuff. Join a local moms group, too. There, you may find a number of other moms who are willing to lend or give away baby furniture, gear, and other products they aren’t using.

Start couponing

Your doctor's office can provide coupons for freebies or discounted baby products. You can also go directly to the manufacturers and ask for coupons. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Enfamil, Gerber, Honest Company, Similac, and many other companies give freebies to expectant parents.

Don't get sucked into buying every baby product

We know it's hard with all the cute baby products available not to impulse buy everything you want. However, you need to make smart buying decisions to save money. The baby products industry is a multi-billion dollar market. However, many advertised baby products are not even necessary. You can bathe your baby in the sink, rather than buying a tub. You can skip the high chair for several months, because your baby won't be able to sit up safely. You don't need a dedicated changing table, a slider rocker, and so on. Wait until after your shower, and then buy what you need, not everything you desire.

Becoming a new mom is an exciting yet stressful time. Don't add to your stress by racking up credit card debt and frittering away your savings. Instead, make wise financial decisions. In the long run, saving money where you can is in your (and your baby's) best interest.

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