Lotus Elixir

Lotus Elixir


Vaginal Elixir (15ml) to support in the prevention of perineal tearing.

Directions: After cleansing lightly spritz onto vagina and massage into tissue or use the provided
roller to apply to fingers and massage into vagina tissue. You can apply up to three times a day.
May be used for perineal massage. If you feel any tingling or warming that becomes
uncomfortable use coconut oil or olive oil over area.

Ingredients: Organic Culinary Argan Oil, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Geranium Essential
Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil & Helichrysum Essential Oil.

*These ingredients were chosen because of their gentle nature. However, it is always safest to
spot test for sensitivity. This can be easily done but applying a small amount to your bikini line
and waiting fifteen minutes to see if there is a reaction before applying to vagina.

*This product does not claim to guarantee the prevention of Perineal Tearing. This has been
tried and tested by several woman with much success, but we hope that you do your own
research and include perineal massage and birthing positions that prevent tearing for added success.

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