The Skincare Routine that Saved My Face

The Skincare Routine that Saved My Face

I was one of the blessed people who didn’t get acne until later in life.  I had clear skin through my puberty phase and it wasn’t until my twenties my skin went crazy.  I have melasma on my upper lip.  My skin tone is very uneven.  I am healing scars from the break outs I had a few years ago and have a continual rash on my cheeks. With all of these problems, why would I share my routine?  Well, I have seen major improvements this last year with my skin and I feel it is starting to finally balance out once again. 

I am going to share with you my morning and evening skincare routines that have helped me.  I am also going to share how to maintain healthy skin by healing from the inside out and what maintenance looks like for me. I also want you to know that I only use products I believe in and would not recommend anything that isn’t nontoxic. If you ever have questions, consult with your healthcare provider.


Wash: I am going to start with evening because it takes the most work for me. I wash my hands before any face care regimen. I begin by washing my face with Pretty Mommies face wash. If I have heavy make up on, I may first put a tiny bit of coconut oil on my face before washing and it comes right off. I also use the Vanity Planet Spin Brush a couple times a week or if I feel my face is really dirty. It helps to exfoliate while cleansing. I know a lot of influencer work with Vanity Planet so finding a coupon should be pretty easy!

Eye Cream: Next, I use Biossance peptide eye gel. Eye cream is something I wish I would have consistently started younger, but it’s never too late! I like to let my skin soak it in, so after I apply I brush my teeth or do another task while letting it dry.

Tone: I then apply the Pretty Mommies Skin Enhancer. This product contains anti-aging properties, helps brighten skin and has lots of antioxidants. I let this dry usually while flossing, but I like to give the products time to soak in.

Moisturize: I then apply either coconut oil, rose oil or vitamin E. I’ve heard a lot of people say it is too greasy for them, however oily skin is actually dehydrated skin. When you dry your skin out, your oil glands over produce which causes your skin to be oily. It becomes a vicious cycle. You only need a little bit of coconut or vitamin e oil and your skin will thank you.

Treat: For my final step, I spot treat my problem areas (the rash on my cheeks and the melasma on my mustache) with Pretty Mommies Protect and Reflect. This step may sound a little odd since I am using an SPF at night. I put a thick layer across my mustache and a thick layer on my checks. I look like a crazy person but I can’t stop because it has made the biggest difference for me and it is nontoxic!!! I’ve been recommended a lot of products to help with melasma or acne but they had harsh ingredients. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. There are so many uncontrollable toxins in our environment, therefore I want to at least try to prevent the toxins I can control from getting into my body.

Sometimes: If I have an event coming up and want to see fast results, I use Sunday Riley, Good Genes. I swear this is a miracle in a bottle. It evens my skin tone and tightens everything. It is expensive, which is why I save it for special occasions. When I do use this product, I replace the Skin Enhancer with Good Genes and leave everything else the same.



Washing: Since moisturizing is one of the keys to anti-aging, I don’t wash my face in the morning. Over washing can dry you out. I splash water on my face and dab it dry.

Tone: My morning toning has two steps:

1) I apply the Pretty Mommies Skin Enhancer. I like to let my face soak it up and it helps my skin better absorb the product in my step 2!

2) I recently discovered the amazing powers of CBD and skincare. I had been using the Koi CBD drops for other purposes and then one day decided to try it on my face. I love what it has been doing!! I use the Koi Naturals, Orange 1000MG. I use the dropper and place a couple of drops in my palm and add a couple drops of coconut oil or vitamin E. I put it all over my face and neck and let it absorb. It has helped brighten my face and I feel it wakes it up for the day. Sometimes I use a jade roller to massage it into my face.

Moisturize: I use the Pretty Mommies Protect and Reflect again. It is really thick and can be hard to spread but it gives me results. I usually top with a tinted moisturizer that has additional SPF. One that I have loved is Andalou Naturals. It smells like roses.


Masks: Once or twice a week I try to do a face mask. Sundays I do a deep cleaning mud mask. Mid-week. I try to do a moisturizing masks.

Facials: I get a couple of facials a year. I would to do bi-monthly but they are expensive, hence why I do home masks. Facials can be a great way to keep your skin in great condition.

Deep Clean: Once a week, I use apple cider vinegar to clean my pours. I dap it on a cotton ball and spread it on my face. It stings a little bit and you definitely want to stay away from your eyes! I feel so clean after and love how fresh my skin feels.

From the Inside Out

Food Allergies: Everything is truly connected. I recently had a detailed food allergy test. Since I have been working on cutting out those foods, the flare up on my cheeks has decreased. I did some research and they are linked! While the products I am using help decrease the inflammation on my cheeks, healing my body will hopefully eliminate the problem. Food is another thing that can be full of toxins. Check labels. You can’t pump your body full of crap and expect great skin.

Hormones can also have an effect on your skin as well. I would suggest finding a functional medicine doctor in your area or look up The Wellness Way to see if they have a provider in your area. If you have been listening to my podcast, you know I have taken allergy and hormone tests. Balancing these has made a difference in my skin.

I know I use a lot of the Pretty Mommies products. If you sign up for their email list, they always have deals and coupons for savings. If you would like to check out Koi CBD and the other products they offer, use my code: elizabethjoy20 for 20% off!


Find out what is in your products here and begin to eliminate toxins from your skincare routine :

I would love to know what you use and what has worked for you!!