Back Through the Emirates


It took me a couple of days to make my way from Bali to Java before landing back in Dubai to grab a bag I left, say hello, and venture off to the Holy Land.  Jim picked me up from airport and brought me an amazing dessert, as if he hadn’t fed me enough.


A friend, Keoki, from Las Vegas had recently taken a job in Dubai. I had actually never hung out with her in Las Vegas, but that’s what traveling does.  It brings people together.  Jim was kind enough to take me to get her and then take us both out to eat.  We had a nice Lebanese dinner while she filled me in on her upcoming work adventure in this crazy city. It was nice to see a familiar face, a face from home.
We dropped Keoki back off and made the drive to Abu Dhabi.
I stayed with Arianne the next couple of nights while I decided what day to fly out, but I was unwilling to leave until I had seen a camel.  We decided to make dinner at home one night and went to explore the grocery store for options.  It is always interesting seeing what is common in foreign countries in a super market.  I decided to try something new and bought a small container of camel’s milk.  When we got home, I opened the lid to take a drink as Arianne gagged just thinking about it.  It actually wasn’t bad, not something I would buy on the reg. (A.K.A. regular) though.
My last evening in Abu Dhabi, Jim and I had dinner while Arianne was at work. He took me back to the place we met a few weeks earlier.  We had a lovely dinner and a great talk.  He offered to take me to the airport the next day, and I agreed to let him.


My last morning, Arianne took me back to the temple and then all over looking for a camel.  We eventually found a place, but the camels were already put away. We snuck passed the closed ropes and stood outside the camel pen.  Well, I saw one.  I didn’t get to to touch one, but I saw one.
Arianne did so much for me during my stay in Abu Dhabi.  I am truly grateful for her hospitality during my time in the United Emirates.  She is such a great friend and this experience brought us closer together.
Jim picked me up and took me to the airport.  He walked me all the way up to the security gate.  We said our goodbyes, and I thanked him for everything he had done.  I was truly blessed in meeting him.  He and Wasim took me all over Abu Dhabi and truly went out of their ways to show me around.  He told me they were trying to make me stay or least come back.  I told him, “I might come back one day, but I’ve got the rest of the world to see.”